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New Non-settling Slurry Launched

Remasol®Jus-Dip™ Slurries can be a headache for artists, schools, and small foundries, for many reasons: Shell room infrastructure – Shell room equipment is a high cost investment Health and safety risks – There are many risks involved in the investment casting process Stock management – 5 – 10 different materials are required for a traditional… Read more »

Remasol® QuikBuild™ – Reduce Your Shell Constr...

One of the most time-consuming aspects of the foundry process is the shell construction. The longer an assembly takes to complete the shelling process the higher those parts production costs are. But what is the solution to reducing the time parts spend in the shell room? The answers are obvious: Expand – One way of… Read more »

New Pattern Wash from Remet

EWash™ is the latest development in pattern wash from Remet. EWash pattern wash is a biodegradable alternative to petroleum based solvents used to clean and etch pattern waxes for the investment casting process. EWash is designed to reduce slurry induced surface defects by promoting etching and good prime coat adhesion while emulsifying residual mould release…. Read more »

Remet Sponsors 2018 EICF Conference

Remet is proud to support the EICF’s 2018 conference. The workshop will be held in Porto, Portugal, between 22nd and 25th of April 2018. The theme for the conference is “Addressing today’s and tomorrow’s Investment Casting challenges”, and includes a program of papers from across the Industry. Dr Gavin Dooley from Remet will be presenting… Read more »

CASTcon 2018

CASTcon 2018 is between 27th & 28th March at Cranfield University. Dr Gavin Dooley will be giving a talk during Session F about new developments in investment casting waxes. For more information come and see our team on booth 12, who will be happy to discuss any investment casting requirements that you may have.

Prevent Freezing Temperatures Impacting Your Production

During the cold months it is important to know if a material has experienced to temperatures below 0°C (32°F). This is most likely to occur in transport, so it is important to check your materials on delivery. Colloidal Silica based binders for example, that have been exposed to freezing temperatures can suffer irreversible gelling or… Read more »

Stephen Pilbury Retires

On Friday 24th November we bid a fond farewell to Stephen Pilbury, who retires from his role as Managing Director of Remet UK. Stephen has been with the business for over 23 years, and was Managing Director for the last 18. He brought with him a great knowledge of investment casting industry from his 23… Read more »

Materials For Artists

Remet has applied its decades of experience into developing a range of high quality foundry materials specially for artists. These materials have been proven in the most testing of environments, such as the Medical, Aerospace and Automotive industries. Remet materials are trusted by top artists and art foundries around the world to bring their imagination… Read more »

Dr. Azhar Juhari joins Remet

Remet is pleased to welcome Dr. Azhar Juhari as a new member of our technical team. As Polymer Chemist, he will be working on wax and shell developments at our Rochester laboratory. Azhar gained his doctorate degree in 2010 from Johannes Gutenberg University in Germany where he studied the “Structure-Property Relations in Complex Copolymer Systems”… Read more »