Quikset – An Enhanced binder system for rapid shell construction

Introduction Remet has developed an innovative new colloidal silica based binder system. Adbond® Quikset™ uses a novel process to set up and gel more quickly than conventional systems, and in doing so provides for a  surprisingly higher green strength and improved crack resistance in autoclaving. Adbond Quikset provides for faster gelation times and therefore quicker… Read more »

Fast Form – A Case Study

Introduction Remet has patented an innovative and novel un-filled wax  which can perform dimensionally the same as filled wax with fantastic benefits: Lower viscosity than traditional filled waxes to give superior filling in tight cavities, around cores and trailing edges Superior de-wax due to the viscosity drop at lower temperatures and lack of filler Over… Read more »

Pattern Wash, A Technical Briefing

Good slurry adhesion during the application of the primary coat of a ceramic shell is critical to achieving excellent surface finish of precision investment castings. Residual mold release can lead to casting defects such as lifting or buckling of the prime coat, and subsequent bulging on the surface of castings. Good pattern wash practices and… Read more »