Introduction Jus-Dip is a pre-optimised suspended slurry system that doesn’t require constant agitation. It also offers a range of other benefits: Excellent wax adhesion Can be used as both a primary and backup Excellent slurry life Includes shell dryness indicator Performs perfectly under less than ideal environmental and processing conditions Easy to use This colloidal… Read more »

Remasol® QuikBuild™ – A Case Study

Introduction QuickBuild is a unique binder blend that uses an Organic Viscosity Modifier (OVM) to increase the thickness of each layer of shell. This means that the required overall shell thickness and load-bearing capacity is achieved using fewer layers. The benefits include: Thicker shell build Premixed binder High green strength Good permeability Uniform stucco coating… Read more »

Quikset – An Enhanced binder system for rapid shell construction

Introduction Remet has developed an innovative new colloidal silica based binder system. Adbond® Quikset™ uses a novel process to set up and gel more quickly than conventional systems, and in doing so provides for a  surprisingly higher green strength and improved crack resistance in autoclaving. Adbond Quikset provides for faster gelation times and therefore quicker… Read more »