REMET is a leading supplier of engineered solutions and a major supplier of consumables for the global precision investment casting industry. Our team provides quality products, technology, process solutions, and personalized customer service. Each REMET employee plays a crucial role in ensuring the outstanding quality of our products.

The following positions are open at this time. To apply for any of these positions, please submit your CV and cover letter to Human Resources.

Current vacancies:

Technical Sales Manager – Jiangsu

Remet China is a subsidiary of Remet UK, a global manufacturing, marketing and technology Company, primarily serving the Precision Investment Casting (“PIC”) industry.

As a technical sales manager, you’ll use your technical knowledge along with sales skills to provide advice and support on a range of products, for which a certain level of expertise is needed.

You’ll assist colleagues by helping develop new clients from a technical perspective.

The emphasis of the work varies depending on the level of technical knowledge needed to sell a particular product.

Technical sales managers are a key point of contact for clients and provide both pre and after-sales advice. You will liaise regularly with a range of departments, such as:

  • design
  • development
  • production
  • purchasing
  • quality
  • research
  • senior company managers.


As a technical sales manager, you’ll need to:

  • search for new clients who might benefit from company products or services and maximise client potential
  • develop long-term relationships with clients, through managing and interpreting their requirements
  • persuade clients that a product best satisfies their needs in terms of quality, price and delivery
  • negotiate contract terms and conditions to meet both client and company needs
  • calculate client quotations and administer client accounts
  • provide pre-sales technical assistance and product education
  • work on after-sales support services and provide technical back up as required
  • arrange and carry out product training
  • analyse costs and sales
  • prepare reports for head office and keep customer records
  • meet regular sales targets and coordinate sales projects
  • support marketing activities by attending trade shows, conferences and other marketing events
  • make technical presentations and demonstrate how a product meets client needs
  • liaise with other members of the sales team and other technical experts
  • help in the design of custom-made products
  • provide training and produce support material for other members of the sales team.

Working hours

You should expect regular travel with long or irregular working hours to meet deadlines, secure deals and attend conferences and networking events.

What to expect

  • Technical sales managers usually split their time between the office and visiting clients.
  • Your ability to bring in work will affect the success of the company, so you’re likely to be judged on results. Demands to meet sales targets and profit margins may create a pressurised work environment. Competition between businesses is often intense.
  • Travel to and from client companies, trade shows and conferences will extend the working day. Client visits usually occur on a weekly basis.
  • Possible trips overseas.


  • BSc/BEng in Materials Technology or Materials Science
  • Must be fluent in English


You’ll need to have:

  • a solid technical background
  • sales skills
  • communication skills
  • sound judgement and good business sense
  • organisational skills
  • teamworking ability
  • the ability to build relationships quickly and effectively
  • analytical and problem-solving skills
  • resilience and tenacity
  • independence and self-reliance.

Work experience

You must have minimum of 5 years’ experience in an Investment Casting Foundry and have a strong technical background as either a Process or a Quality Control engineer

Must have experience in Wax and/or Shell room with a solid technical understanding of the Investment Casting process


Competitive Salary, depending on industry experience

Please apply in English to