Incident at US Production Facility

Date posted: 11th March 2019

On Friday morning, March 8, 2019, a fire broke out at our Turner Street production facility The fire was contained to a small area of the building and . fire crews were quickly on the scene and have extinguished the fire.

The building was quickly evacuated in accordance with our emergency procedures and we are pleased to say that there were no casualties.

This will have no impact on REMET UK customers as this facility primarily produces for the US domestic market.

REMET® is assessing the extent of the damage at Turner Street caused during the incident and will re-start production once any repairs that are required have been completed.

To minimise any impact to our customer’s supply chain we will be enacting our contingency plans to relocate affected product lines if necessary to Remet qualified production facilities in Mesa , Phoenix and Wisconsin .We will contact customers directly if their product lines are affected in any way .

We are investigating the cause of the incident with local experts and will implement their recommendations. We will be reviewing our procedures at all of our facilities to prevent a repeat of this incident.

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