EICF Process Materials for Tomorrow’s Challenges

Date posted: 18th July 2013

Bob Brown and Dr. Grant Bradley are to present at the 2013 EICF Technical Workshop Process Materials for Tomorrow’s Challenges being held from 22nd – 24th September at Palais des Congres, Bordeux.

Remet’s Laboratory Manager, Dr. Bradley will build upon the research he presented last year at the ICI’s Annual Technical Conference, in which he investigated the link between kinetic and thermodynamic properties of waxes and their behaviour during the injection process.

Dr. Bradley will be presenting at 10.00 on the 23rd September on the Characterisation of wax using DMA and DSC to Predict Injection Behaviour.

Following this in the afternoon session Bob Brown, Remet’s Director of Sales and Marketing, will be presenting on the Development of Rapid Build Binder Systems.

This year’s workshop aimed at foundry process and quality engineers, is to provide an overview from the industry’s leading suppliers of issues affecting the quality and price of materials. As well as give an insight into the development of new materials for use in investment casting.

Offering a unique perspective across the full range of materials in use by the investment caster, members of the Remet team will be on hand throughout the workshop to discuss the current trends for the supply of investment casting consumable materials.

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