• REMASIL® 50

    Aluminosilicate Refractory Flour & Sand

    REMASIL® is the trade name for REMET®’s Aluminosilicate products. REMASIL 50 is calcined to a constant weight and ground to specific grade of both grains and flours. These products produce investment casting shells of excellent refractoriness and high temperature stability, at an incredibly economical rate. The REMASIL 50 range provides increased strength when compared to Fused Silica systems.

    In the case of stucco grains, the custom grinding of REMASIL results in a more uniform product which has a narrow range of particle sizes and a minimum amount of fines (dust). Reduced fines improve both permeability and intercoat adhesion.  Whilst the powder grains can offer the user a greater level of flexibility, through its offering in two separate cuts, allowing a foundryman to choose the specific grade that best suits their needs.

    REMASIL 50 Benefits

    • Increased hot strength.
    • Robust and resilient.
    • Easy knockout.

    Available in the following grades:

    • 16/30
    • 30/60
    • -200

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  • BladeWax

    BladeWax – Filled Investment Casting Pattern Wax

    BladeWax is a versatile blend of casting wax, containing 30% of inert polymeric filler content. Designed specifically for technically demanding components this casting wax is characterised by:

    • Excellent dimensional pattern reproducibility
    • Producing parts with greater stability
    • Reduced contraction rates
    • High-quality surface finish
    • Low melt viscosity, giving good flow properties

    BladeWax has been used to make patterns for the following castings:

    • Medium and large thin-walled patterns typical of aluminium and titanium castings
    • Small through to large-sized patterns for IGT, Aerospace and Commercial Markets

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  • TurboWax

    TurboWax – Investment Casting Pattern Wax for the Automated Production Line

    TurboWax is designed for use in the production of small to medium sized patterns and uses less than 30% polymeric filler content. The material has good tensile properties, making it suitable for use on high speed automated extrusion injection machinery, in addition to traditional liquid and paste injection machines.

    TurboWax has been used successfully in the automotive industry, for the production of turbo wheels, on automatic machines. This casting wax can be characterised by:

    • Fast setting nature
    • High productivity
    • High dimensional stability
    • Good flow
    • Good surface finish

    The material is designed with reclamation in mind to give our customers a cost effective way of utilising system waxes.

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  • FF>>Form® TXO

    Improve Productivity with Shorter Dwell Times

    FastForm® TXO is an unfilled wax that acts as a filled wax. It can be injected as a liquid, but excels as paste wax due to its short cycle times. Produces patterns with the hardness and toughness required for the production of precision investment parts with superb surface finish. Features and benefits of this unique wax are as follows:

    • Shorter dwell times increase productivity
    • Unfilled pattern wax
      • Less shell cracking
      • Increases reclaim yield
    • Excellent dimensional stability
    • Fine surface finish
    • Less cavitation, sink and shrink
      • Low injection temperature

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    Remasol QuikBuild is an innovative pre-formulated binder which helps increase shell thickness to improve shell room productivity.

    The binder system has been designed by Remet to increase shell build on back up layers. The proprietary binder also has a polymer component to improve drying and reduce boilerclave cracking. It has a good level of performance in less than ideal drying, environmental and processing conditions.


    • Ready to use no mixing required
    • For best results use with Remet QuikBuild A and QuikBuild F refractories
    • Improved draining characteristics give a more uniform coating.
    • Water-based system – no VOC problems.
    • The formulation can be optimized to meet the foundry’s specific requirements of strength, processing, speed, etc.
    • Lower fired strength for easier knockout.
    • Improved stucco adhesion
    • Stable pH
    • Excellent slurry life
    • User-friendly.
    • Superior performance under less than ideal drying, environmental and processing conditions.
    • Superior drying to traditional fibre filled shell systems.
    • Improved permeability

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    Remasol Jus-Dip is an innovative pre-formulated slurry which requires no constant mixing or agitation.

    The binder system has been designed by Remet as a ready to use slurry, with silica refractory and polymer levels optimised for the best performance. This single system includes both wetting agent and anti-foam which ensures the slurry requires a relatively low level of technical equipment.


    • Ready to use – Dip direct into the drum.
    • Excellent adhesion to wax.
    • Prevents common primary coat defects such as lifting, cracking and buckling.
    • Ready to use: Silica and Polymer levels have been optimized to provide maximum adhesion, strength, and elasticity. Wetting agent and anti-foam have been added.
    • Can be used as a prime or backup material.
    • Stable pH.
    • Excellent slurry life.
    • Includes REMET® Sci-Dry™ dryness indicator to help ensure shells are ready for re-dipping.
    • User-friendly.
    • Works perfectly under less than ideal drying, environmental and processing conditions.

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  • REMET® LHT Fused Silica

    REMET® LHT Fused Silica is made from pure, natural white silica rich sand at 1980oC. At this temperature, the crystalline quartz melts and becomes non-crystalline. The resulting refractory is a pure material that is readily available, which provides a long life slurry practical for both ferrous and non-ferrous metal casting.

    REMET LHT Fused Silica has excellent thermal characteristics, as it exhibits a very low level of thermal expansion (5.0 x 10-7 cm/cmoC). Whilst it also provides low thermal conductivity, together these attributes provide a refractory with excellent thermal shock resistance.

    This product provides for excellent slurry stability as well as good pH stability, when used in the primary coating. This will aid in preventing the solution from dropping out, which is crucial in achieving an even coat application, essential in avoiding surface defects.

    The shell produced using REMET LHT Fused Silica, is both light weight and highly permeable. Whilst the refractories unique behaviour under extreme heat, creates a shell that once cooled, allows for an easier knockout.

    This material is offered in a wide variety of powder and grain sizes, for both primary and secondary coat slurry applications.

    REMET LHT Fused Silica is available in the following grades:


    • RP2 (120 mesh)
    • RP1 (200 mesh)


    • RG3 (50/100)
    • RG2 (20/50)
    • RG1 (10/20)

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