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Date posted: 15th April 2019


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In This issue:

New Product Development – Introducing the latest innovations from REMET
Leading Edge Technology – Protecting the Environment – See how REMET is helping foundries to reduce their environmental impact
23rd REMET “Shaping The Future” Award – REMET’s annual art competition, in conjunction with SIAC
New Member of the REMET Team – Introducing Steve Jones, Sales Director – North America


Our Technical team is continually working on new and innovative solutions to improve our customers processes. In 2018 REMET introduced two new binders to the industry:

ADBOND® QuikBuild™ – Reduce Your Shell Construction Time

This new binder system offers the ability of reducing shell coats by up to 1/3, by making each individual coat thicker. This allows shells to be constructed more quickly without reducing the weight or the strength of the shell. This proprietary formulation is quick drying and works well in a wide range of environmental conditions.

For more information on how ADBOND QuikBuild can improve your process click here.

REMASOL® Jus-Dip™ – Just Open the Drum and Dip

This ready-made slurry is already mixed and optimized ready for use. Designed for use in art foundries and teaching environments, Jus-Dip can be used directly from the drum with now preparation. The unique formulation does not need constant stirring or agitation, just a quick stir at the start of each days dipping, to make sure that the slurry is consistent all the way through.

For more information on Jus-Dip click here.

ECOWASH® Plus – New Patten Wash

EcoWash Plus is the latest development in pattern wash from REMET. EcoWash Plus pattern wash is a biodegradable alternative to petroleum based solvents used to clean and etch pattern waxes for the investment casting process. EcoWash Plus is designed to reduce slurry induced surface defects by promoting etching and good prime coat adhesion while emulsifying residual mold release.

For more information on EcoWash Plus click here.

Environmental Benefits of REMET Products

REMET is committed to protecting the environment, and through our range of products we offer foundries materials and technologies so that they can reduce their environmental impact.

In the coming weeks we will be publishing a series of articles on the environmental benefits our products offer to a foundry, the first article focuses on waxes and you can read it here.

The 23rd REMET “Shaping the Future” Award

The 23rd edition of our annual art competition has been held in Chicago. REMET, in partnership with the School of Art Institute of Chicago, hosted an event where the shortlisted artists presented their maquette’s to a select judging panel of artists and experts. The winner will now make their full size work which will be unveiled next year.

As part of the event last years winner, Lisa Chen, had her piece “lay Down Your Binds” on display and was presented with her award.

For more information about the event, read the full article here.

New Face at REMET

Steve Jones has joined us as Sales Director for North America and brings with him 30 years of global experience in the metals casting as well as a diverse range of other manufacturing sectors. You can see his full profile here.

If you would like to join the REMET team see our Careers page of the latest vacancies

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