Seasons Greetings

Date posted: 22nd December 2020

Dear All,

The end of the year is approaching, and we should reflect upon what a tumultuous year 2020 has been.

The global Coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone: our families, businesses, communities and our lifestyle. Even during the coming holidays, we will be called to demonstrate great social responsibility and remain isolated from friends, family, and all those dear to us.  Its right then, that we consider all those affected by the virus; those who are impacted by furlough schemes, those who have become ill, and, sadly, those friends and acquaintances we have lost.  It is also right that we look back at the positive events of the year.

At the outset of the Pandemic, REMET vowed to protect the interests of all of its stakeholders, whether customer, share-holder, employee, vendor or principal, and strive to reduce the impact of this great event on everyone.

As a result we have:

  • Invested in improved  infrastructure to allow those team members who are able, to work protected from home,
  • Innovated  procedures for keeping our staff safe , not only in our workplace, but when travelling and when working with the customer.
  • Implemented strengthened procedures with suppliers to reduce delay or risk of infection,
  • Pioneered webinars and online training sessions using online platforms and have continued them with Customers and Trade institutions
  • Participated as sponsors and speakers at the Investment Casting Institute virtual conference.
  • Where we have been permitted to, continued our on-site support of customers and clients.
  • Maintained and improved our Lab based Technical service.
  • Continued the development of our integrated management system, and have all of our sites, in UK, India, China and Germany accredited in accordance with ISO9001, ISO18001, and ISO14001.
  • Undergone a major programme to train our staff regarding changes to import and export as a result of the UK leaving the EU.
  • Worked hard to meet with the new legislation that these changes will bring to our process of international shipping.

Finally, and in addition to our Social Accountability pledges,  we have continued our ongoing support  for two local Charities who work tirelessly to help protect homeless and vulnerable people in our region: “Porchlight” and “Medway Street Angels”. At this time of year, and especially this year, we thank them.

REMET UK and REMET GmbH will be closed from the 24 December 2020, until 4 January, 2021, however please telephone your usual contact in the event of an emergency.

Have a good Holiday Season, and lets all look forward to an improving 2021.

Yours faithfully

Philipa Rogers,


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