Leading Edge Technology Protecting the Environment

We at REMET understand that it is important to respect and look after the environment, which is why we have introduced a “Green Badge” to some of our products. These products are designed to help you to reduce your foundry’s impact on the environment, in a range of different ways.

Keep an eye out for our “Green Badge”

Products that have our “Green Badge” include:

FastForm Casting Wax

  • Reduction in energy waste – Fastform’s productivity gains mean that each pattern requires less energy to produce
  • Reduced waste during reclamation – The unique formulation produces a high yield of reclaimed wax
  • Minimal Filler waste – As a low / no filler wax, there is minimal filler released into the waste stream

EWash Pattern Wash

  • Non-Petroleum – Unlike most pattern washes, EWash is not petroleum based
  • Biodegradable – EWash is made from fully biodegradable components

QuikBuild Binder

  • Less Waste – With fewer coats there is less ceramic waste from the shell
  • Reduced Energy Waste – By reducing the number of coats, the drying time for each tree is dramatically reduced

QuikSet Binder

  • Reduced Energy Waste – The quicker drying for each layer means less overall time that the tree requires a controlled environment

Jus-Dip Slurry

  • Reduced Energy Waste
    • The ability to dip directly into the drum removes the need to have rotating tanks
    • As a non-settling slurry, when being used in tanks, they can be turned off when not in use
  • Less Waste – The drums provided are resealable and reusable, as such they don’t to be disposed of when a different slurry is required

BF3000 Biocide

  • Reduced Waste – By maintaining the health of the slurry, its life can be extended, reducing the waste caused by changing slurries.