Colloidal Silica

Investment Casting Binders

Colloidal Silica is the most popular binder used in the precision investment casting industry today. It offers the investment caster a safe, economical, easy to use slurry component that performs well as either primary or backup slurry.

Colloidal Silica systems are very stable; able to form a long life ceramic slurry with a large range of refractory materials due to the binder’s chemical inertness. This versatility allows Colloidal Silica to form the basis of ceramic shells used for the casting of a large range of metal alloys.

Ceramic shells formed with colloidal silica binder’s offer several advantages for the investment process. The exceptionally strong bonds formed by the colloid enables ceramic shells to have a superior green and fired strength. Benefiting the investment caster with:

  • An increased maximum pour weight
  • Reduced material usage in the back up coat
  • Better handling

Furthermore, use of colloidal silica binders has allowed investment casters a greater freedom of design with an increased level of intricacy to castings.

Ceramic shells using colloidal silica binders also display excellent refractory properties, thermal resistant to temperatures as high as …… , with good resistance to thermal shock and crucially little shrinkage.

Remet supply our proprietary Colloidal Silica, which has been specifically designed for the investment casting industry.

See our FAQ’s about shell testing here.

  • REMET® 1000-Series Binder

    REMET Brand colloidal silicas have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the Precision Investment Casting Market.

    Remet 1000-Series Binders are slightly opalescent preformulated chemically inert colloidal silicas.

    The 1000-Series is comprised of 2 binders:

    Binder 1010 – For back-up slurries
    Binder 1020 – For primary slurries

    The silica in 1000-Series colloidal silicas is amorphous in nature and non-crystalline, both grades have high surface areas, and have negatively charged particles stabilised in a weak solution of sodium hydroxide.

    As the REMET 1000-series colloidal silica dries, water evaporated and bonding between the silica and refractory particles begin to occur. These refractory bonds are heat resistant and allow the Caster to successfully make a shell into which molten metal can safely be cast.

    The choice of Grade is dependent upon the specific conditions under which it will be used. Your local REMET agent can advise on which grade is best for your purpose.

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