Specialty Wax

Water Soluble, Sticky, Extruded, Dipseal and Patching Wax for Investment Casting

Remet supply specialty casting waxes to perform a number of specific tasks within the investment casting process.

Uniquely formulated our specialty waxes perform the following tasks:

  • Water Soluble Wax – SOLUCORE® – to achieve a greater level of complexity in the pattern making process
  • Sticky Wax – STICKTITE® – casting waxes able to bond patterns to runner/sprue systems in the wax assembly process
  • Extruded Wax – RED® C – shaped wax extrusions which allow the investment caster to design and build flexible wax assembly systems.
  • Over Dipping Wax – DIPSEAL® – for the coating of a wax assembly offering improved primary coat adhesion
  • Patching Wax, Remet offer versatile blends that are both soluble and non-soluble in water that aid the investment caster in the repairing of defects in patterns, wax assemblies and soluble cores.


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