Shell room

Ceramic Shell Casting Material

For the production of ceramic shells for the investment casting process a slurry is created from combining a liquid binder, refractory flours and sands.

Remet supply all the casting materials to create high quality ceramic shells, able to be tailored to meet a wide range of casting applications for the full spectrum of metal alloys.

Remet have pioneered the transition from alcohol to water based binders within the investment casting industry, Enabling foundries to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, decrease environmental impact and improve the working environment, whilst improving the quality of their investment castings. We supply traditional alcohol binders, as well as our proprietary blend, fastest drying colloidal silica, REMASOL®. The benefits of REMASOL can be further enhanced by our unique ADBOND® polymer, which can be configured to meet your casting requirements.

Remet supplies a wide range of refractory materials, including fused silica and aluminosilicate grades, suitable for a range of applications requiring steel and cast iron castings. To meet specific needs we supply specialist refractories such as zircon, zirconia and alumina. These refractories are used to produce high quality investment castings from Nickel, Titanium, Cobalt and Magnesium alloys.

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