Slurry Additives

Wetting Agents & Antifoams for Investment Casting Slurry

Remet supply wetting agents and antifoams as additions for an investment casting slurry. These products are for use in conjunction with Remet binder and refractory products.

Please note that some of Remet’s binders are mono component systems that already contain an optimised level of slurry additives. For further technical advice on use of slurry additives and maintaining an investment casting slurry, please contact one of our Technical Sales Managers, who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

See our FAQ’s about shell testing here.


    Wetting Agent for the Investment Casting Process

    VICTAWET® 12 is a non-ionic, low-foaming, organic phosphate ester, wetting agent that is effective in both acidic and alkaline binders used in the investment casting process.

    This product provides good wetting of waxes, fast wetting-in of slurry refractories and does not degrade slurry life. It also has good dispersing and emulsifying properties and is stable in both acidic and basic pHs.

    VICTAWET 12, like other wetting agents, should be used in conjunction with effective antifoam such as BURST® 100 or REMET® Foamaway. Please see one of REMET’S® Technical Sales Managers for specific recommendations.

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  • BURST® 100

    Fast Acting Antifoam for Investment Casting Slurry

    The expanded use of latex binder systems, more powerful wetting agents and faster turnaround times has brought more attention to the use of antifoams to alleviate and control slurry foaming tendencies. While there are many silicone antifoams on the market, BURST® 100 gives the most rapid breakdown of foam and release of air bubbles. For longer term foam control, REMET’S® Foamaway can be used in conjunction with the Burst 100.

    BURST 100 Antifoam provides outstanding performance under many different conditions. It is compatible with a wide variety of wetting agents, and can tolerate both alkaline and acidic binder systems.

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  • 2-Ethyl-Hexanol

    Antifoam for Investment Casting Slurry

    REMET’S® 2-ethylhexanol is used as a defoamer for colloidal silica based primary slurries. Under normal conditions, use 2-ethylhexanol at a level of 0.3 to 0.5% based on total liquid in the slurry. It is frequently used as a less expensive alternative to n-octanol.

    Please note this product is not to be used in conjunction with LUDOX™ SK slurries.

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