REMET Supply Chain: Russia and Ukraine

As the current crisis in Ukraine continues, many customers have asked for statements regarding risks of disruption either directly caused by the crisis, or indirectly through increased sanction regimes. As a result of many enquiries regarding this matter REMET UK Ltd, REMET Gmbh, REMET IN, and REMET CN have produced the following statement.

  1. REMET Group of companies (REMET) have no direct supply chain dependencies on Russia or Ukraine.
  2. As far as we have been able to assert, our Suppliers, and their upstream vendors also have no direct dependence on Russia or Ukraine.
  3. REMET have manufacturing partners based in Germany, and as such there is a sensitivity to energy production, and therefore costs, based on the pre-eminence of Russian natural gas as a primary source of energy in the region.  The UK has very little dependency on Russian Natural Gas, and manufacturing plants based in the UK have no such sensitivity.  In the event of disruption German manufacturing plants have back-up based in the United States.
  4. REMET undergoes rigorous supply chain risk analyses, and whereas risk profiles are currently higher than normal, we continue to take actions to reduce dependence on higher risk sources.
  5. REMET fully endorses sanctions taken by the international community and upholds them in all respects.
  6. REMET has suspended all commercial activity with Russia and Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine since 24th February 2022.

We hope this answers most questions regarding our current position with respect to Russia and Ukraine.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have further questions via email: