Materials For Artists

Date posted: 23rd October 2017

Remet has applied its decades of experience into developing a range of high quality foundry materials specially for artists.

These materials have been proven in the most testing of environments, such as the Medical, Aerospace and Automotive industries. Remet materials are trusted by top artists and art foundries around the world to bring their imagination to life, in exquisite detail.

For more information on our range for artists please see our Art Brochure.


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 Brochure Cover (FR)  Brochure Cover (ES)  Brochure Cover (IT)

For more information please contact your Remet representative or contact one our distrbutors, below:

Abramo Gianola

Languages supported:
Italian | French | English | Spanish

Roel Collaris

Languages Supported:
German | Dutch | English

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