Leading Edge Technology – Protecting the Environment – Part 2, Pattern Wash

Date posted: 2nd July 2019

Protecting the environment is very important to REMET. In the first article in this series I introduced our development of products that are better for the environment, focusing on our waxes. You can read the first part here, in this article we look at pattern washes.

Pattern washes are an essential part of the investment casting process, cleaning and etching the wax patterns and trees to ensure proper adhesion of the shell materials. Poor adhesion of the primary shell coat to the wax pattern means that either the shell will fail or the resulting casting will have a poor surface finish. In both cases all the ceramic material, as well as the work, time and energy expended will have been wasted.

Most pattern washes in the market are petroleum-based solvents that can have a negative impact on the environment, especially if not disposed of properly. REMET’s new pattern wash, EWash™, however, is not a petroleum-based product and is an environmentally friendly alternative.

EWash is designed to reduce slurry induced surface defects by promoting etching and good prime coat adhesion. The wash cleans off any dirt or dust that may have accumulated during the pattern construction process while emulsifying any residual mold release agent. It has a fast drain off that doesn’t leave any streaking or spotting on the tree. The etching action provided by neat EWash is so effective that a whole tree can be etched with around a 10 second dip time. The consistent etching performance means that EWash provides superior prime coat adhesion when compared to other pattern washes on the market.

EWash has been specially formulated to perform equally well on both virgin and reclaimed waxes.

EWash is both REACh and EPA compliant, and is water soluble with dilution up to 2:1. The pattern wash is also chemically inert so that it will have no effect on slurry life or performance if it gets into the tank.

Key environmental benefits of EWash:

  • Non-Petroleum – Unlike most pattern washes, EWash is not petroleum based, meaning that it isn’t reliant on fossil fuels.
  • Biodegradable – The formulation of EWash is made up of fully biodegradable components.
  • Waste Reduction – With better primary coat adhesion the overall waste of material and energy caused by failures and rejections is reduced.

REMET range of Pattern Washes are all designed to reduce waste caused by failure and rejects, speak to a member of REMET’s team of experienced engineers to discuss your pattern wash requirements. Talk to your local REMET Territory Manager to discuss how REMET can help you improve your process.

In the next part we will look at the developments in binder technology that will speed up your production as well as reduce your environmental impact.

The products highlighted in this series of articles are only a selection of the products that REMET has developed to help reduce the environmental impact of foundries. We are continually developing new and innovative products to improve your process and benefit the environment. Look out for the green badge on our products.

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