Remasol® QuikBuild™ – Reduce Your Shell Construction Time

Date posted: 18th April 2018

One of the most time-consuming aspects of the foundry process is the shell construction. The longer an assembly takes to complete the shelling process the higher those parts production costs are. But what is the solution to reducing the time parts spend in the shell room? The answers are obvious:

  1. Expand – One way of increasing throughput in your shell production is to increase your capacity, by expanding your current shell room, or by building a new one. However, this option is very expensive and can be disruptive to your production.
  2. Speed up the drying time – By reducing the dry time of each coat you can dip each part more often and get them through the process more quickly. Remet already has a product that does this, Remasol® QuikSet™! For more information, QuikSet visit our website or contact us.
  3. Reduce the number of coats – By reducing the number of coats required by each part you save the time used to dry the coats, and that is where Remasol QuikBuild excels.

Reduce your number of coats by up to 1/3

QuikBuild is an innovative colloidal silica based binder system that is designed to produce thicker shells. The inclusion of Organic Viscosity Modifiers (OVM’s) means that each backup coat is thicker than those produced by a traditional slurry system, meaning that fewer coats are needed to make the required thickness and load-bearing capacity.

Easy to use

This enhanced binder is supplied pre-blended and ready to use, with no dilution or mixing required. The QuikBuild system requires minimal maintenance and has a long slurry life. It offers superior performance, even under less than ideal environmental and process conditions, and is compatible with any refractory combination.

New Technology

Quikbuild is a proprietary blend that utilises the unique benefits of OVM’s, to not only produce a thicker shell than a standard slurry system but also produces a shell with a higher green strength than competitive products. The OVM’s are all burnt out during the firing process leaving a permeable shell, making it less likely to suffer gas related defects. The QuikBuild shell has a relatively low fired strength making it knockout easier.

In action

A number of foundries from different sectors have already started to benefit from the advantages provided by the QuikBuild system. They have seen an increased shell thickness of up to 30%, allowing them to reduce the number of coats by a third without impacting the quality of their finished parts.

You can read our case study here.

For more information on how QuikBuild can benefit your foundry contact REMET and arrange a trial.

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