Date posted: 24th December 2020

24 December, 2020

Rochester, UK

As you are aware, the UK left the EU in 2020. There has been an extended period to facilitate transition from a member state to “third country” status.

At Customers’ request, in 2018 REMET® UK took advantage of this period by forming a new EU based organisation to provide a focus for European transactions.  REMET® GmbH is fully founded and properly constituted under German Law in the city of Munich and is registered under number HRB249706.

REMET® GmbH  is a vital part of the REMET® family and allows us to maintain a high level of service for our European customers.  Following the end of the UK / EU transition agreement at the end of this year, REMET is pleased to offer continuity of service to our valued customers.

Duties and / or tariffs have been discussed as a result of the UK Leaving the EU.  REMET® has noted that all materials shipped to EU Customers are either already manufactured in the EU, do not have any applicable duty, or are otherwise in free circulation in the EU. Remet does not expect duties and tariffs to affect its European customers.

We have produced a Data Pack which is attached to allow you to familiarise yourself with this new organisation. Please contact your usual Territory manager to receive a copy and discuss how REMET® GmbH can help serve you.

REMET® have also answered some of our frequently asked questions, below. Please feel to contact us if you have specific questions or require further clarification.

Thank you for working with REMET, we are all very excited by the inauguration of REMET® GmbH and we look forward to continuing to serve you over the coming years.

Best regards

Bob Brown


Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Will REMET® GmbH only be supplying EU based clients

REMET DE will only supply customers based in the European Union and invoice in Euro.

2. Is the company a real company?

REMET® GmbH which is a company properly constituted under German law and registered under number HRB249706.

3. Where is it based?

REMET® GmbH is based in Munich.

4. Can I audit / visit?

REMET® GmbH is primarily an accounting facility and is audited independently to international standards.  REMET UK is available to be audited at a mutually acceptable time.

5. Does REMET® GmbH manufacture anything?

There is currently no direct manufacture in Germany.

6. Will the location or materials of manufacture change?

Your materials will continue to be made in the same location as they have always been.

7. Who is my purchasing contact at REMET® GmbH?

Your local Territory Manager is your primary contact and this is unchanged.

8. Will REMET® GmbH meet my vendor qualifications?

REMET® GmbH is wholly owned by REMET® UK and shares the same management. We do not anticipate problems associated with vendor qualification.

9. How will the terms and conditions of trade differ from REMET UK

REMET® GmbH will continue to offer terms and conditions in accordance with European law.

10. Can I continue to Purchase in GBP / USD / Euro?

REMET® UK will continue to offer multi-currency payments. Currently REMET® GmbH can only offer EURO and US Dollar.

11. I don’t want to purchase from REMET® GmbH.  Can I continue to purchase from REMET® UK?

If you wish we can continue to supply you from the UK

12. I have been told that I won’t be able to ship my waste wax to you. How will Brexit affect my reclaimed wax supply? How will REMET® GmbH Help?

REMET® GmbH will assist with movement of autoclaved wax across Europe.

13. In the event of frontier delays what id REMET’s Contingency Plan?

REMET® remains committed to a stock position in both the UK and EU.

14. In future will REMET UK / DE documentation e.g. SDS remain compliant with EU Law.

REMET® will always be compliant with all aspects of EU Legislation.

15. Will my NDA/ LTA / Supply Contract / existing POs continue to be valid?

We believe so as REMET® GmbH is owned by REMET® UK but, we are willing to sign a new agreement if required to do so.

16. Who is my local contact?

Country Contact Email Languages
Austria, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland Nico Strahl DE, EN
Belgium, France, Spain David Moysey EN FR
Czech Republic,  Slowakia Josef Matovcik CZ, EN, PL, SK
The Netherlands Nigel Barrington EN
Italy, Switzerland Abramo Gianola EN, IT
Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden Radoslaw Gabrus EN, PL
Russian Federation, CIS, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania Sergey Bukreev DE, EN, RU


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