ADBOND® QUIKSET® Concentrate

ADBOND® Quikset Concentrate is a proprietary polymer formulation that significantly enhances the performance properties of REMASOL® SP-BV™ and LP-BV ™ colloidal silica based back up slurries. A shell system containing ADBOND® Quikset Concentrate with either REMASOL® colloidal silica is well suited for decreasing dry time between dips. ADBOND® Quikset was developed to provide up to 20% higher green shell strength with fast processing speed compared to competing polymer binder additives.


  • Equivalent hot strength with comparable fired strength versus standard binders.
  • Proprietary additive decreases drying times between dips.
  •  Improvement in green strength, especially at very short dry time intervals (1 h)
  •  Compatible with all standard refractories.
  •  Formulated for long term stability with REMASOL SP-BV and LP-BV colloidal silica.
  •  Water based system that is EPA (USA) and REACh (EU) compliant.


  • Reduced processing times vs. other colloidal silica binder systems with proper air movement.
  • Dry times equaling or surpassing air dried ethyl silicate.
  • Fast dry time between dips increases shell room production throughput.
  • Higher green strength can reduce shell cracking during shell dewaxing.
  • Ideally suited for patterns with cores, blind holes and other difficult to dry areas of shell.