Unfilled Investment Casting Pattern & Runner Wax

Remet’s CASTYLENE® range are blends of pattern and runner/sprue waxes that are unfilled. These waxes have both low melting and congealing points making them suitable for liquid, paste injection and extrusion methods.

The low viscosity of CASTYLENE waxes aids the blends in filling even the most complex dies, producing sharply defined patterns. This characteristic makes this range of waxes ideal for application in the casting of decorative pieces, where detail is critical.

CASTYLENE waxes are tough and flexible to resist breakage and chipping during handling and efficient dewaxing. Its good mechanical properties allow CASTYLENE waxes to perform excellently as a runner/sprue wax, avoiding damage of the wax patterns.

To find out more information about our CASTYLENE casting waxes, please contact us. One of Remet’s Technical Sales Managers would be happy to discuss your requirements and what we can supply for your process.