Cobalt Aluminate

Cobalt aluminate is used as part of a primary slurry to improve the surface grain of investment casting’s, particularly for superalloys.

A cobalt aluminate composition that has been prepared at temperatures above 1350°C to ensure thermal stability. It has a theoretical composition of 41.5% cobalt oxide and 58.5% alumina. After calcinations, the material is wet ground and sieved to produce a fine powder easily dispersible in aqueous suspensions.


  • Produces alloys with a fine-grained structure
  • Grain refinement penetrates into the body of the casting
  • Finely disseminated network of nucleation centers
  • Minimal risk of migration by low melting point metals
  • Fully calcined and thermally stable
  • Easily dispersed in aqueous suspensions
  • Produced to aerospace specifications
  • Used by many OEM’s

Approved in accordance with PMC-7022 (Pratt and Whitney) and CSS25 (Rolls Royce).