HYFILL® – Filled Investment Casting Pattern Wax

HYFILL® waxes are incredibly versatile blends of casting wax, containing 30% or greater of an inert polymeric filler content. Utilising REMET UK’s in-depth knowledge, these waxes can be tailored to a customer’s individual purpose, across a wide range of applications. Designed specifically for technically demanding components these casting waxes are characterised by their:

  • Excellent dimensional pattern reproducibility
  • Producing parts with greater stability
  • Reduced contraction rates
  • High quality surface finish
  • Low melt viscosity, giving good flow properties

HYFILL® blends have been used to make patterns for the following castings:

  • Medium and large thin walled patterns typical of aluminium and titanium castings
  • Small through to large sized patterns for IGT, Aerospace and Commercial Markets

REMET are able to customise blends to meet a broad range of mechanical and injection requirements. HYFILL® waxes can be formulated to enable their use on either a liquid, paste or extrusion injection machinery.

To find out more information about our HYFILL casting waxes, please contact us. One of REMET’s Technical Sales Managers would be happy to discuss your requirements and what we can supply for your process.