LITEFILL – Investment Casting Pattern Wax for the Automated Production Line

The LITEFILL® casting wax range is designed for use in the production of small to medium sized patterns and uses less than 30% polymeric filler content. The materials have good tensile properties, making them suitable for use on high speed automated extrusion injection machinery, in addition to traditional liquid and paste injection machines.

LITEFILL waxes have been used successfully in the automotive industry, for the production of turbo wheels, on automatic machines. These casting waxes can be characterised by their:

  • Fast setting nature
  • High productivity
  • High dimensional stability
  • Good flow
  • Good surface finish

All materials are designed with reclamation in mind to give our customers a cost effective way of utilising system waxes. All of our reclaim waxes are reconstituted to near virgin standard.

To find out more information about our LITEFILL casting waxes, please contact us. One of REMET’s Technical Sales Managers would be happy to discuss your requirements and what we can supply for your process.