Pattern Wash

Product Information

Good pattern wash practices are essential for pattern making in the investment casting foundry. Promoting adherence of the slurry onto the wax surface, removing any residual mold release agents preventing lifting or buckling of the prime coat and subsequent bulging on the surface of castings.

REMET® Pattern Washes are:

  • Economical to use
  • Low evaporation rates
  • Non-flammable, but combustible
  • 100% water soluble
  • Have no special storage or handling requirement, except adequate ventilation

All products have been tested and approved for use with REMET waxes.


EWash is an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum based solvents. EWash is designed to reduce slurry induced surface defects by promoting etching and good prime coat adhesion while emulsifying residual mould release. Key features:

  • Rapid etching – around 10 second dip time
  • REACh and EPA compliant
  • Superior prime coat adhesion compared to other pattern washes on the market
  • Capable of etching Polystyrene patterns


Pattern Wash II

Pattern Wash II is a solvent based product which has proved effective in removing silicone from wax patterns. It’s advantages are:

  • Can be rinsed from the wax patterns using water or a soap and water solution
  • Does not contain flammable, toxic or polluting chemicals

Pattern Wash II is compatible with all types of metals, with high density polyethylene and with all types of plastics except polystyrene and polycarbonate.


Pattern Wash 6

Pattern Wash 6 is a blend of high purity hydrocarbons, emulsifiers and surfactants, specially formulated for wax pattern cleaning. Pattern Wash 6 should be used at full strength and should not be diluted under any circumstances. It’s advantages are:

  • Can be rinsed from wax patterns using running water, no detergent is necessary
  • Preparation is not subject to recognised exposure limits