Aluminosilicate Refractory Flour & Sand


REMASIL® is the trade name for REMET® UK’s Aluminosilicate products. Composed of three systems (REMASIL 48, 50 & 60), all calcined to a constant weight and ground to specific grade of both grains and flours. These products produce investment casting shells of excellent refractoriness and high temperature stability, at an incredibly economical rate. The REMASIL® range provides increased strength when compared to Fused Silica systems.

In the case of stucco grains, the custom grinding of REMASIL results in a more uniform product which has a narrow range of particle sizes and a minimum amount of fines (dust). Reduced fines improve both permeability and intercoat adhesion.  Whilst the powder grains can offer the user a greater level of flexibility, through its offering in two separate cuts, allowing a foundryman to choose the specific grade that best suits their needs.

REMASIL 48 Benefits

  • Good refractoriness and high temperature stability.
  • Easy knockout.


REMASIL50 Benefits

  • Increased hot strength.
  • Robust and resilient.
  • Easy knockout.


REMASIL 60 Benefits

  • Higher Alumina content provides for increased refractoriness and stability at high temperatures.
  • Excellent for casting larger parts.
  • Performs exceptionally well when dimensional stability is crucial.