Remasol Jus-Dip is an innovative pre-formulated slurry which requires no constant mixing or agitation.

The binder system has been designed by Remet as a ready to use slurry, with silica refractory and polymer levels optimised for the best performance. This single system includes both wetting agent and anti-foam which ensures the slurry requires a relatively low level of technical equipment.


  • Ready to use – Dip direct into the drum.
  • Excellent adhesion to wax.
  • Prevents common primary coat defects such as lifting, cracking and buckling.
  • Ready to use: Silica and Polymer levels have been optimized to provide maximum adhesion, strength, and elasticity. Wetting agent and anti-foam have been added.
  • Can be used as a prime or backup material.
  • Stable pH.
  • Excellent slurry life.
  • Includes REMET® Sci-Dry™ dryness indicator to help ensure shells are ready for re-dipping.
  • User-friendly.
  • Works perfectly under less than ideal drying, environmental and processing conditions.