REMET® Zircon

REMET® UK Zircon Sand and Flour are milled from raw materials from a resource with a long manufacturing life. The zircon is dried, milled, screened and subject to magnetic separation. Products have excellent chemical and physical consistency zircon is available in both fully calcined and part calcined forms.

The thermal response of zircon is its major attraction to the investment caster. Not only does it have a low thermal expansion coefficient, but it also has a very predictable and linear response making dimensional prediction of finished parts much simpler and more reproducible.

Other characteristics of zircon in general to be added;

  • Very low reactivity (good for prime coats)
  • High solids loading capability
  • High strength
  • Fine particle size for good surface quality
  • Excellent rheology

These products are broadly used by foundries producing aerospace castings-equiax, directional solidification and single crystal; and by commercial and art foundries which require premium surface quality.