Sticky Casting Wax


STICKTITE® waxes have been designed specifically as a sticky wax for use in the assembly of sprue/pattern trees prior to the shell forming process. These materials have low odour and smoke and impart exceptionally high adhesive and cohesive strength to the sprue/pattern joint. The differing formulations offer the choice off set up and solidification times.

Remet’s STICKTITE waxes can be used as an adhesive between wax and wax, or sticking ceramic to wax (for instance pouring cups and rings). We are able to specify criteria such as opening times to ensure that the investment caster has the time they require for positioning and correcting parts during assembly.

To find out more information about our STICKTITE, sticky waxes, please contact us. One of Remet’s Technical Sales Managers would be happy to discuss your requirements and what we can supply for your process.