Wacker Silester XAR

Wacker Silester XAR

Wacker Silester XAR is ready-to-use, prehydrolysed ethyl silicate hybrid binder. The solvent in Wacker Silester XAR is a mixture of ethanol and 2-propanol.

Its degree of hydrolysis and pH has been optimised so as to provide the necessary reactivity and adequate storage stability.

A change in pH, e.g. arising from addition fillers, pigments, various additives or solvents evaporation, promotes condensation of the ethyl silicate and the system will cure more quickly.

Due to their special formulation and the technology used in their manufacture, hybrid binders have very good storage stability and processing properties.

Wacker Silester XAR is primarily used to make:

  • Ceramic casting molds, e.g. by the lost wax (investment casting) method
  • Refractory products
  • 2-pack anticorrosion zinc-rich paints, especially shop primers