REMET’s AEO status transfers to UK AEO authorisation

Date posted: 11th January 2021

REMET’s Approved Economic operator Status was transferred to the UK AEO scheme on 01 January 2021. This is a new UK AEO status and replaces existing EU AEO status for our UK customs operations. The new status is known as a UK AEO authorisation.

  • REMET’s current AEO authorisation number will not change.
  • REMET’s existing AEO authorisation letter will be valid from 1 January 2021.
  • REMET uses its UK AEO authorisation number to get benefits when importing and exporting goods in or out of the UK.
  • REMET also uses its UK AEO authorisation number to obtain benefits when importing goods to any country with which the UK has negotiated Mutual Recognition Arrangements.

Philipa Rogers


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