Prevent Freezing Temperatures Impacting Your Production

Date posted: 11th January 2018

During the cold months it is important to know if a material has experienced to temperatures below 0°C (32°F). This is most likely to occur in transport, so it is important to check your materials on delivery. Colloidal Silica based binders for example, that have been exposed to freezing temperatures can suffer irreversible gelling or silica precipitation. These will make the binders unusable or create poor quality slurries, resulting in poor quality shells and casting.

During the winter season, as a way of managing this risk, Remet sells all products that are temperature sensitive with a simple freeze indicator and wrapped in a thermal blanket. The cover allows some additional protection from the cold and the freeze indicator allow you to see at a glance whether there has been any potential freeze risk for the material.

Freeze IndicatorsThe indicators that we use have two states:

  • Green circle with a tick, indicating that the product has not been exposed to freezing temperatures
  • Grey circle, indicating that this product has been exposed to freezing temperatures.

If the indicator has gone off prior to arrival at your site, contact Remet to arrange a replacement product. If the indicator has gone off before use, whilst at your site, send Remet a sample and we will test it for you to make sure it is still ok to use. If in doubt, contact your Remet representative.

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