Winner of the Remet Prize 2016 is Out of This World!

Date posted: 23rd September 2016

Investment casting may not be rocket science but Tibor Balint, winner of the 2016 Remet Prize, has taken his knowledge of space exploration and used it to create a unique work of art. The winning piece, titled “Galileo Flow Field”, combines the ancient technique of investment casting with cutting edge scientific discovery.

Winner of the 2016 Remet Prize "Galileo Flow Field" by Tibor Balint Cast in Bronze

Winner of the 2016 Remet Prize
“Galileo Flow Field” by Tibor Balint
Cast in Bronze


Galileo Flow Field was created as a boundary object, an object that is a focal point between different disciplines to create a common understanding. In this instance the disciplines were art, science, design and engineering.

The Galileo Flow Field project was an attempt to make a physical object, that is very different to boundary objects that have been created before. The idea behind this project was to introduce new disciplines to the engineering community, in this case art and design.

Galileo Flow Field is an attempt to break away from the traditional lexicon of the aerospace sector and its current paradigm, in an effort to remove inherent barriers to new and innovative concepts.

The object is a visualisation of the flow field data, simulating the Galileo planetary probe’s entry into Jupiter’s atmosphere. The probe measures the planet’s atmospheric composition.

A paper “Making of the Galileo Flow Field Artifacts” was presented by Tibor at the 13th International Planetary Probe workshop in June 2016.

Tibor produced a short video showing the making of the piece, from concept to completion

Galileo Flow Field is now part of the Remet Collection.

Tibor is currently a student at the Royal College of Art completing his PhD in Innovation Design Engineering. Prior to this Tibor spent 14 years working for NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a mission architect, technologist, and program manager.

Tibor with his winning peice

Tibor with his winning piece

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