Foseco Appoints REMET as Distributor

Date posted: 4th January 2019

Foseco has appointed REMET as European distributor of its broad range of alumina and silica based one shot liners and backup crucibles to the Investment Casting sector.

Sales in NAFTA are not affected and will continue to be serviced directly by Foseco.

The liners offer investment casters who melt and pour under vacuum improved reliability, product quality and process efficiency. They are ideally suited for nickel and cobalt based superalloys. The single-use liner eliminates the risk of cross-contamination of alloys, and the smooth melting and pouring surfaces minimise the development of inclusions in the melt.

Nick Child, International Marketing Manager for Foseco’s range of investment casting products commented, “REMET has an excellent reputation in the investment casting industry. This deal, initially focused on Europe, enables us to make use of REMET’s excellent contacts in the vacuum induction melting sector to promote our range of liners and crucibles.”

Bob Brown, Sales and Marketing Director for REMET UK said, “Foseco is a long established and well-respected company and are market leaders for crucible products. We are pleased to be working closely with them to bring their products to market. We believe that these products are the best in the market and extremely well suited to the investment casting industry.”

About Foseco

Foseco is the trade name for the Foundry Division of Vesuvius plc and offers a variety of products to the investment casting sector to optimise energy usage, to improve metal cleanliness and casting quality and to maximise casting yields.


REMET is a global supplier of materials to the investment casting industry. REMET offers a wide range of products based on decades of foundry experience, allowing foundries to maximise their processes.

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