About Us

Remet design and supply full consumable solutions to the investment casting industry. Specialists in the advanced materials used in the modern precision investment casting foundry, our technical services provide foundry’s innovation, technical support and quality assurance.

Remet’s ethos has always been to keep the investment casting process and the foundry at the centre of what we do. Our own personnel are able to boast 150 years of direct foundry experience. This ensures our team have a deeper understanding and commonality with process engineers, helping to build productive relationships that aid in increasing efficiency and effectiveness. As after all improvement is a continuous process!

Originating as a technical support organisation more than 40 years ago. Our journey over this time has resulted from taking opportunities to expand our reach. With the values of understanding and support always underpinning the way we conduct our business.

It is from this background, that an enthusiasm for problem solving has been instilled throughout the core of our organisation. Our knowledge across the full range of consumable materials used within the investment casting process, coupled with our practical expertise, places us uniquely to solve the issues and challenges faced by the modern foundry.

First establishing ourselves as a binder specialist, it was through our merger with the long established Dussek Campbell Yates wax business, that we became one of the world’s largest consumable suppliers for casting materials to the Investment Casting industry. From this point we have addressed the key product groups of:

  • Casting Wax
  • Ceramic Shell Binder and Refractory Materials
  • PIC Support Products

Fundamentally we work with your process, finding what we can do to make it work harder for you. Our engineers are always on hand to provide technical support and advice for the foundryman.