Wax Room

Remet offers a comprehensive range of casting materials for the wax room of an investment casting foundry.

For this highly critical first step to the lost wax process, Remet’s technical staff are experts in creating wax blends to meet the most demanding of applications. Able to tailor specific materials to your process ensures the casting waxes we supply, will deliver an optimal performance across a wide range of applications.

With more than __ years of experience of blending investment casting waxes, Remet has established a reputation for technical excellence. Conducting leading edge research into casting materials used within the investment casting process allows Remet to make technological advancements to develop the optimal wax for your process. For more information on our latest developments, or any past papers given to the investment casting technical community, make sure to visit our technical papers page.

Always drawing on our knowledge of the process, our technologists are informed by our engineers experience in an investment casting foundry. This ensures the casting wax supplied by Remet offers a practical advantage to the foundry. Coupled with our extensive knowledge throughout of the materials required for the investment casting process, Remet provides benefit through every step from concept to casting.

Remet’s wax casting supplies, cover a broad range of purposes:

  • Casting Waxes – Pattern, Runner and System Waxes
  • Other Waxes – Water Soluble, Extruded, Dipseal, Patching and Utility Waxes
  • Auxiliary Products – Pouring Cups, Pattern Wash and Mold Release