Refractory Sands & Flours

Ceramic Shell Casting Material

Remet supplies refractory flours and sands compatible for all alloys cast by the investment casting industry. With grades to make up primary (face coat) and secondary (backup) slurries of the ceramic shell.

There are a number of key considerations, when selecting a refractory for use.

  • Thermal resistance
  • Thermal expansion
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Stability in slurry/reactivity with binder
  • Particle size
  • Mixing time

Remet’s comprehensive range of refractories, enables us to create a solution to ensure both a high quality ceramic shell and final casting is produced.

See our FAQ’s about shell testing here.

  • Cobalt Aluminate

    Cobalt aluminate is used as part of a primary slurry to improve the surface grain of investment casting’s, particularly for superalloys.

    A cobalt aluminate composition that has been prepared at temperatures above 1350°C to ensure thermal stability. It has a theoretical composition of 41.5% cobalt oxide and 58.5% alumina. After calcinations, the material is wet ground and sieved to produce a fine powder easily dispersible in aqueous suspensions.


    • Produces alloys with a fine-grained structure
    • Grain refinement penetrates into the body of the casting
    • Finely disseminated network of nucleation centers
    • Minimal risk of migration by low melting point metals
    • Fully calcined and thermally stable
    • Easily dispersed in aqueous suspensions
    • Produced to aerospace specifications
    • Used by many OEM’s

    Approved in accordance with PMC-7022 (Pratt and Whitney) and CSS25 (Rolls Royce).

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  • QUIKBUILD Refractories

    QuikBuild refractories are special flour blends that are designed to enhance the performance of Remasol® QuikBuild

    The wide particle size distribution of the QuikBuild refractories maximises the benefits of a QuikBuild slurry
    creating thicker shell layers.

    It is available in two types:

    • QuikBuild F – Fused Silica
    • QuikBuild A – Aluminosilicate

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  • Remet Alumina

    Fused & Tabular Alumina Refractory

    REMET’S®  Alumina products are high purity Al2O3 compounds, that provide a hard refractory material for use by the investment caster.

    White Fused Alumina
    Remet’s White Fused Alumina (also known as White Corundum) is a high purity product fused and sized to meet the needs of the investment caster.

    This product exhibits:

    • High Refractoriness
    • High Resistance to Chemical Attack


    Tabular Alumina
    Remet’s T1061 Tabular Aluminas are specifically sized, high density, low soda tabular alumina products.

    They exhibit:

    • Low Porosity
    • High Resistance to Chemical Attack
    • Excellent Resistance to Thermal Shock
    • High Mechanical Strength
    • Extreme Hardness
    • Excellent Resistance to Wear

    This product is ideal for high-temperature shell systems.

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  • DuPont™ Florida Zircon Sand

    Premium Quality Zircon Sand


    DuPont’s Florida zircon sands are naturally occurring rounded-grain sands mined from heavy mineral deposits in Florida. These sands are chemically scrubbed to produce clean products that are free of dirt and ultrafines, then calcined to reduce water and other volatile content.

    Typical AFS Grain Fineness is 105 -107

    Available in either Standard or Premium chemistries.

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  • Remet Zircon

    Zircon Refractory Flour & Sand

    Remet Zircon Sand and Flour are milled from raw materials from a newly opened resource with a long manufacturing life. The zircon is dried, milled, screened and subject to magnetic separation. Products have excellent chemical and physical consistency zircon is available in both fully calcined and part calcined forms.

    The thermal response of zircon is its major attraction to the investment caster. Not only does it have a low thermal expansion coefficient, but it also has a very predictable and linear response making dimensional prediction of finished parts much simpler and more reproducible.

    Other characteristics of zircon in general to be added;

    • Very low reactivity (good for prime coats)
    • High solids loading capability
    • High strength
    • Fine particle size for good surface quality
    • Excellent rheology

    These products are broadly used by foundries producing aerospace castings-equiax, directional solidification and single crystal; and by commercial and art foundries which require premium surface quality.

    Remet Milled Zircon
    Remet Milled Zircon is dry milled to a controlled particle size distribution from fully calcined zircon sand. It is available in fine (FG), coarse (CG) and extra-coarse (ECG) sizings, which correspond to -400 mesh, -325 mesh and -200 mesh, respectively.

    This material is for use in investment casting slurries. It makes up the fine constituent of zircon mold cores and mold facings or a base for zircon foundry washes.

    Remet Zircon Sand
    Remet Zircon Sand is ideally suited for use as a primary stucco for investment casting molds. It is also used as a constituent of zircon founder cores, mold washes, or as a mold facing material and shell mold component.

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  • Remet EZ-CAST® Fused Silica

    EZ-CAST CPS FUSED SILICA has been designed to provide the investment caster with a thicker shell build with the same number of coats, thereby making it possible to reduce the number of coats for many shell-building applications.

    The “EZ-CAST” shell system products increase shell thickness more rapidly with each dip when compared to standard flour systems. The “EZ-CAST” shell system products are all ready to use, one-component systems; no blending of flours is required. The “EZ-CAST” systems produce higher green and hot strengths, and will produce thicker, stronger, and more uniform shell molds with fewer coats.

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    Aluminosilicate Refractory Flour & Sand

    REMASIL® is the trade name for Remet’s Aluminosilicate products. Composed of two systems (REMASIL 48 & 60), all calcined to a constant weight and ground to specific grade of both grains and flours. These products produce investment casting shells of excellent refractoriness and high temperature stability, at an incredibly economical rate. The REMASIL® range provides increased strength when compared to Fused Silica systems.

    In the case of stucco grains, the custom grinding of REMASIL results in a more uniform product which has a narrow range of particle sizes and a minimum amount of fines (dust). Reduced fines improve both permeability and intercoat adhesion.  Whilst the powder grains can offer the user a greater level of flexibility, through its offering in two separate cuts, allowing a foundryman to choose the specific grade that best suits their needs.

    Click here to view the Particle Size Distribution

     REMASIL 48 Benefits

    • Good refractoriness and high temperature stability.
    • Easy knockout.


    REMASIL 60 Benefits

    • Higher Alumina content provides for increased refractoriness and stability at high temperatures.
    • Excellent for casting larger parts.
    • Performs exceptionally well when dimensional stability is crucial.

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