Pattern Cleaner

Good pattern wash practices are essential for pattern making in the investment casting foundry. Promoting adherence of the slurry onto the wax surface, removing any residual mold release agents preventing lifting or buckling of the prime coat and subsequent bulging on the surface of castings. REMET Pattern Washes are:

  • Economical to use
  • Low evaporation rates
  • Non-flammable, but combustible
  • 100% water soluble
  • Have no special storage or handling requirement, except adequate ventilation

Introducing ECOWASH™ PLUS, REMET’s newest Pattern Wash:


    ECOWASH PLUS is an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum based solvents used to clean and etch pattern waxes. It is designed to reduce slurry induced surface defects by promoting etching and good prime coat adhesion while emulsifying residual mold release.

    • Specially formulated to clean both virgin and reclaim waxes.
    • Etches to promote prime coat adhesion.
    • Contains proprietary components to optimize cleaning and extend product life.
    • Wax patterns can be easily water rinsed.
    • Bio-based etchant ingredients are VOC exempt: EPA (US).
    • 100% water soluble.
    • Highly concentrated and efficient formula.

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    REMET Pattern Wash III is a specifically formulated high flash point (over 140° F) solvent based wax cleaner. It is effective in removing silicone mold release from both filled and unfilled waxes and provides moderate to excellent etching for prime coat adhesion.

    • Effective at removing and emulsifying silicone mold release residue.
    • Evaporates slowly for higher etching rate.
    • 100% water soluble.
    • Formulated for optimum cleaning and etching with 1:2 deionized water to extend product life.
    • Long lasting and can be recycled to help the environment.
    • Wax patterns can be easily rinsed using water or soapy water solution.

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    CITRIWASH Plus is a specially formulated, citrus based, high flash point (Over 150ƒ‚°F) wax cleaner that provides the following features and benefits:

    • Blended in-house at Remet.
    • Citrus based optimized for 1:1 dilution with deionized water
    • Maintains mild to moderate etching.
    • Improved rinsability with less streaking and spotting.
    • Bio-degradable detergents meet U.S. EPA Design for Enviroment (DfE) screen.

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    RemeWash is a solvent based product which has proved effective in removing silicone mold release from wax patterns.

    Economical to use.

    • Excellent etchant for wax patterns.
    • 100% water soluble.
    • Has no special requirements for storage or usage other than need for adequate ventilation.
    • Can be rinsed from the patterns using water or soap & water solution.
    • Evaporates slowly.
    • Non-flammable, but is combustible.

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