Introduction Jus-Dip is a pre-optimized suspended slurry system that doesn’t require constant agitation. It also offers a range of other benefits: Excellent wax adhesion Can be used as both a primary and backup Excellent slurry life Includes shell dryness indicator Performs perfectly under less than ideal environmental and processing conditions Easy to use This colloidal… Read more »

Remasol® Adbond® QuikBuild™ – A Case Study

Introduction QuickBuild is a unique binder blend that uses an Organic Viscosity Modifier (OVM) to increase the thickness of each layer of shell. This means that the required overall shell thickness and load-bearing capacity is achieved using fewer layers. The benefits include: Thicker shell build Premixed binder High green strength Good permeability Uniform stucco coating… Read more »

Pattern Wash, A Technical Briefing

Good slurry adhesion during the application of the primary coat of a ceramic shell is critical to achieving excellent surface finish of precision investment castings. Residual mold release can lead to casting defects such as lifting or buckling of the prime coat, and subsequent bulging on the surface of castings. Good pattern wash practices and… Read more »