Hot Top & Slag Getter

Hot Toppings are heat-generating powders that are applied to pouring cups and risers aiding in filling. They produce heat through intense exothermic reactions and are designed to burn at a controlled rate and emit low smoke. Hot Toppings create an insulating effect which prevents heat loss through the risers and they assist in the formation of piping in the risers to help feed castings more effectively. Manufactured with high purity ingredients such as metal powders rather than waste metallic oxides that are commonly used in other hot toppings, our hot toppings can be blended to customer requirements.

Slag Getter is a specially formulated blend of minerals specifically designed for use with various steel alloys. Because of its unique characteristics, Slag Getter has also been proven effective in certain grey and ductile iron applications. By tightly controlling the particle size of the material, Slag Getter has been engineered to achieve maximum results with minimum usage. Typical usage is to add Slag Getter as required by ladle size and overall surface area.

  • Slag Getter

    Slag-Getter is a slag coagulant for grey iron, ductile iron and steel applications. Engineered to achieve maximum results and significant cost savings, this unique blend of quality raw materials prevents slag carryover to the castings and reduces slag process time.

    With outstanding coagulation properties, Slag-Getterƒ„ features controlled particle size for consistent performance and easy-to-apply/easy-to-remove convenience to save time in your process.

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  • Hot Top

    Remet supplies the line of Mastertop hot top compounds, which includes alloy specific formulations designed for maximum protection from undesirable atmospheric chilling. Mastertop is engineered to supply a superior insulating and exothermic blanket covering molten metal, thus preventing heat loss. This protection assures the proper formation of piping by allowing the complete and total feeding of the castings.

    • Helps prevent costly shrink defects
    • Easy to remove “puck”
    • Steady burn rate
    • Low smoke and no offensive odor
    • Low dust formulation now available

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