Enhanced Binder

Polymer Enhanced Colloidal Silica Binder for Investment Casting

Remet’s enhanced investment casting binders, include a polymer addition that improves the performance of our colloidal Silica range.

The polymer addition is able to further increase the green strength and fired strength of a ceramic shell. In addition to the formation of stronger bonds, the polymer also accelerates the Colloidal Silica’s gelation. Remet’s enhanced investment casting binders speed up processing time as well as reduce the overall number of coats required to produce a ceramic shell.

In addition to the above, enhanced binder systems can also provide the following benefits to the investment casting foundry:

  • Buckle, lifting and cracking can be reduced or eliminated on the primary coat
  • Improved adhesion of primary coat to wax
  • Improved permeability because of added porosity when polymer is burnt out
  • Better stucco adhesion
  • Slurry rheology and draining are improved. The slurry coating is more even and consistent
  • More tolerant of unfavourable environmental conditions (humidity, temperature, air movement)

Remet’s enhanced investment casting binders, enable the casting of more intricate parts and are an essential for the production of premium rate investment castings.

Remet supplies our proprietary polymer range ADBOND®, both premixed with our REMASOL® colloidal silica and as a separate concentrate. In addition to this we also supply enhanced Ludox® colloidal silica.

For more information, please ensure you contact one of Remet’s Technical Sales Managers for advice on selecting a grade that meets your specific investment casting requirements.

See our FAQ’s about shell testing here.


    Remasol QuikBuild is an innovative pre-formulated binder which helps increase shell thickness to improve shell room productivity.

    The binder system has been designed by Remet to increase shell build on back up layers. The proprietary binder also has a polymer component to improve drying and reduce boilerclave cracking. It has a good level of performance in less than ideal drying, environmental and processing conditions.


    • Ready to use no mixing required
    • For best results use with Remet QuikBuild A and QuikBuild F refractories
    • Improved draining characteristics give a more uniform coating.
    • Water-based system – no VOC problems.
    • The formulation can be optimized to meet the foundry’s specific requirements of strength, processing, speed, etc.
    • Lower fired strength for easier knockout.
    • Improved stucco adhesion
    • Stable pH
    • Excellent slurry life
    • User-friendly.
    • Superior performance under less than ideal drying, environmental and processing conditions.
    • Superior drying to traditional fibre filled shell systems.
    • Improved permeability

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    LUDOX® SK – Primary Binder

    LUDOX SK binders are a family of proprietary formulations based on LUDOX brand Colloidal Silicas and a soluble polymer. These binders have been specially processed so that they have the unique ability to be stable in the pH range of 4-7.

    LUDOX SK Series offers the following advantages:

    • pH control unnecessary
    • Very good stability with zircon flour
    • Very low sodium
    • Water based binder, no VOC problems
    • Polymer enhanced properties for reduced buckling and other primary slurry defects
    • Good green strength

    Although Remet recommend LUDOX SK as a primary coat binder, it is also suitable for use as a secondary binder. For more information your Remet technical sales manager can recommend the proper grade to meet your specific requirements.

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    LUDOX® HSA – Primary Binder

    This is a colloidal Silica is an amorphous synthetic silica appearing as an opalescent liquid free of foreign and gelatinous matter.

    LUDOX HSA Colloidal Silica is used in applications in which sodium or alkali components are not desired, such as coatings, catalysts or in combinations with polar organic solvents. Its formulation is such that it makes LUDOX HSA Colloidal Silica to be one of the most stable deionized colloidal silica on the market.

    Key features are:

    • High surface area
    • Excellent stability

    Your Remet technical sales manager can recommend the proper grade to meet your specific requirements.

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    Binder for Secondary or Backup Layers of Ceramic Molds

    • For use in Backup Slurries
    • Dry times can equal that of ethyl silicate binders
    • Increased green strength vs. standard binders
    • Excellent stucco adhesion
    • Compatible with all standard refractories

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    Binder Addition for Increased Edge Building

    REMASOL® ADBOND® ADII is used in conjunction with ADBOND® ULTRA! in order to enhance the edge building capabilities for ceramic shell in investment casting.

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    Mono Component Binder System for Investment Casting

    REMASOLƒ‚® ADBONDƒ‚® EZ is a custom formulated one component enhanced binder, based on large particle colloidal silica. This binder can significantly decrease the dry time necessary between dips and can also provide increased green strength. Along with those benefits, REMASOL® ADBOND® EZ can also provide improved stucco adhesion and lower fired strengths to allow for easier knockout.

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    Binder for Secondary or Backup Layers of Ceramic Molds

    REMASOL® ADBOND® BV has been designed as a secondary or backup binder in order to provide faster processing, through reducing the number of coats required for a ceramic shell, and work in process, thereby increasing profitability.

    Remet has achieved this through paying particular attention to the binders wetting ability.

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    Binder for Secondary or Backup Layers of Ceramic Molds

    REMASOLƒ‚® ADBONDƒ‚® Ultra! is formulated to provide increased green strengths and reduction in coating dry times. It is compatible with all standard refractories and, in many cases; will provide an increase in shell thickness, which can aid in improved edge building. REMASOL® ADBOND® Ultra! is a single component, ready to use water based binder.

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  • REMASOL® ADBOND® Advantage

    Binder for Primary Coat of Ceramic Molds

    REMASOL® ADBOND® Advantage has an increased adhesion to wax surfaces, making it an ideal primary binder. This binder system is incredibly user friendly, designed by Remet as a ready to use solution, with silica and polymer levels optimised for the best performance.

    The monocomponent system additionally includes both wetting agent and anti-foam. This has ensured to create a primary binder that requires a relatively low level of technical expertise to prevent serious problems, with a good level of performance achievable in less than ideal drying, environmental and processing conditions.

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    Enhanced binders for investment casting


    Remet’s REMASOL® ADBOND® range is a group of water based, colloidal silica binders engineered, to have performance enhanced properties.

    Specifically developed to improve on the desirable aspects of a water based shell system, REMASOL® ADBOND® binders are able to;

    • Generate a higher green strength at a quicker rate
    • Flow at an increased rate
    • Provide greater stucco adhesion and permeability

    These superior characteristics, coupled with their excellent stability, allow the REMASOL® ADBOND® range to reduce surface defects.

    REMASOL® ADBOND® binders speed up processing between dip coats through an accelerated gelation during the dry phase. It’s improved rheology characteristics, adds to the fast processing, allowing it to drain quicker as well as providing a more uniform coating.  Whilst the increased green strength has a positive impact on both mold handling and dewaxing.

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  • ADBOND® QUIKSET® Concentrate

    ADBOND® Quikset Concentrate is a proprietary polymer formulation that significantly enhances the performance properties of REMASOL® SP-BV™ and LP-BV ™ colloidal silica based back up slurries. A shell system containing ADBOND® Quikset Concentrate with either REMASOL® colloidal silica is well suited for decreasing dry time between dips. ADBOND® Quikset was developed to provide up to 20% higher green shell strength with fast processing speed compared to competing polymer binder additives.


    • Equivalent hot strength with comparable fired strength versus standard binders.
    • Proprietary additive decreases drying times between dips.
    •  Improvement in green strength, especially at very short dry time intervals (1 h)
    •  Compatible with all standard refractories.
    •  Formulated for long term stability with REMASOL SP-BV and LP-BV colloidal silica.
    •  Water based system that is EPA (USA) and REACh (EU) compliant.


    • Reduced processing times vs. other colloidal silica binder systems with proper air movement.
    • Dry times equaling or surpassing air dried ethyl silicate.
    • Fast dry time between dips increases shell room production throughput.
    • Higher green strength can reduce shell cracking during shell dewaxing.
    • Ideally suited for patterns with cores, blind holes and other difficult to dry areas of shell.

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