Pouring Cups

Ceramic pouring cups are made of high-quality ceramic materials and isostatically pressed at high temperature and pressure. They are useable for a range of alloys cast within the investment casting industry, such as ferrous, nickel aluminium and bronze based metals, and can be used with some superalloys as used in the aerospace industry.


  • High mechanical strength.
  • Smooth working surface to reduce erosion.
  • High chemical purity.


  • Reduced mould inclusions
  • Significantly reduced wax consumption.
  • Stronger shells
  • Reduced and directed metal flow into mould cavity.
  • Possible to use ceramic foam filters.

Pouring cups are placed directly on the wax gating before coating and become a part of the ceramic mould. Presses grooves provide a mechanical key to improve cohesion between cup and shell. Their quantity and depth is dependent on the size and shape of the cup.

  • Schaefer Pouring Cups

    Mullite & Fused Silica Pouring Cups

    Schaefer Pour Cups are available in Mullite or Fused Silica compositions. Mullite is recommended for most casting requirements while fused silica is suggested for large pouring cups where differential thermal expansion between the cup and the mold may cause cracking or separation. A special formulation for cup extensions meets the demanding requirements for SC/DS casting applications.

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