Mold Release

Remet’s line of mold releases prevent sticking which will result in more molded parts in less time. Part appearance is improved and defects caused by sticking are greatly reduced. Because the environment and safety are important to Remet, our mold releases are EPA compliant formulas and contain no ozone depleting substances. They do not contain chlorinated solvents and our aerosol cans are non-flammable.

  • REMET® Release


    • Requires no cleaning,
    • Allows excellent primary slurry adhesion
    • Heavy duty formula uses less spray per application


    • Silicone based for increased part removal performance
    • Prevents drag marks on wax,
    • Increased productivity with multiple release froma single application

    Water Soluble

    • Activates solubles for fast leaching time
    • Requires no cleaning
    • Leaves excellent surface finish on patterns

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  • Price Driscoll

    ICR Silicone

    • Used for deep cavities, crevices, or complicated thin-walled areas
    • Prevents drag marks
    • Prevents cracking when extracting our of tooling
    • Uses less spray per application
    • Use on small size pieces, lettered or numbered pieces

    ICR-Water Soluble

    • Non-Silicone release
    • Leaves excellent surface finish
    • Activates solubles
    • No build-up on parts in citric bath for leaching
    • Use on large parts


    • Non-Silicone release
    • Allows ceramic slurry adhesion to patterns well
    • Heavy duty formula
    • Uses less spray per application
    • Works well on tooling
    • Use when there is no leaching needed

    ICR Fast 2 Shell

    • Non-silicone release
    • Water soluble
    • No washing required before shell process
    • Non-oily
    • No build up

    ICR Super Citrus Cleaner

    An easy to use citrus derived cleaner which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

    • Powerful enough to clean wax from ceramic-injection tooling
    • Cleaner used on tooling for wax dies
    • Works well on warm dirty molds, tooling and machines
    • All natural citrus scented effective cleaner

    ICE Cleaner – Degreaser

    An all purpose cleaner for all shop jobs.

    • Non-Flammable, worker safe
    • Use for cleaning molds, tooling and machines
    • Cleans wax build up on all steel, aluminium and metal molds
    • Comes ready to accept an extension tube for hard to reach areas
    • Economical 20 oz. can

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